• Criminal Law

  • Dog Control and Animal Welfare Law

Criminal Law

Acting for defendants in Police prosecutions up to and including jury trials.

Category 3 offences-an offence that attracts a punishment of imprisonment of three years or more [these permit a defendant to elect a jury trial].

Category 2 offences-an offence that attracts imprisonment of less than two years.

Category 1 offences-for example infringement offences [including dog control infringement matters].

Dog control matters involve over 10,000 registered dog owners within Hamilton. The Dog Control Act requires local government to have a policy on dog control. This policy and the resulting Dog Control bylaw is subject to review and public consultation. Dog control is always in the media, often following an attack, this can lead to reactions that affect all dog owners. Having your say is vital.

Animal Welfare never leaves the news whether via SPCA action or concerns raised by animal welfare groups, we provide advice and representation for individuals as well as organisations. We act across the central North Island

Dog Control and Animal Welfare matters. 

  • Dog control such as prosecutions, seizures and infringement notices [note that a prosection for a section 58 dog attack [a serious injury] attracts up to 3 years imprisonment and therefore a jury trial may be elected.
  • Defending Local Authority Bylaw Prosecutions
  • Assisting Animal Welfare and advocacy groups.

Early legal advice is vital.

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